New Moon Ensemble



New Moon Ensemble ~ Guinea Style West African Dance & Drumming 

Coming together from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, New Moon Ensemble members share a love for West African dance and drumming, the accompanying traditions and the gift of intercultural exchange. Together we build community and inspire international study and collaboration, through the healing power of music and dance.

Master village drummer and performer Namory Keita, from Sangbarela, Guinea and dancer/choreographer Marita Kennedy-Castro from Maine developed the 15 member troupe to help spread the love for traditional music and dances of Guinea, West Africa. The Ensemble includes multi-talented musician Annegret Baier, from Germany, as well as a handful of other skilled musicians and dancers from Marita & Namory’s weekly classes.

New Moon Ensemble’s performances offer the uplifting rhythms and dances into the world as prayers for peace and well-being for all.

We are available for hire to bring entertainment to festivals, fairs, weddings, graduation ceremonies, baby blessings and more.


New Moon Ensemble comes together after a performance on July 15, 2016 at Congress Square Park.

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