As of September 2020, Embody the Rhythm’s Blog Transitioned to a Quarterly Newsletter

As of September 2020, Embody the Rhythm’s Blog Transitioned to a Quarterly Newsletter

Embody the Rhythm drummers in the grass, under blue sky.

Greetings community,

Since September of 2020 I’ve stopped using this blog to send updates (this will be your final message from this source). Upcoming classes, workshops, guest artists and performance notifications are now sent by newsletter once per season – subscribe link at top of this message.
Keep up to date between seasons by showing up to class, and/or following Embody the Rhythm on Instagram, Facebook.

There’s a lot happening this Spring, including weekly dance and drum classes (in person, online, and by video dance) and an upcoming intermediate/advanced drum workshop this Saturday April 17, with Namory Keita!

To see colorful representation of some of our time together Oct 2004 – Sep 2020, you can visit the blog archive
PAGE (or scroll down, if on the website). Blessings and Wellbeing to you! ~ See you on the dance floor!

Dance & Drum Under the Sun | Interview with Portland Phoenix

Dance Class with Embody the Rhythm – Photo credit: Shannon Bryan

Amidst all that 2020 presents, the constance of the Earth beneath our feet remains.

In an open field next to Back Cove the drums ring out, calling our bodies into motion.  Dancing and drumming with our feet in the grass while clouds pass by overhead has been one of the “silver linings” of the summer.

Dance Class with Embody the Rhythm – Photo credit: Shannon Bryan

A few weeks ago Shannon Bryan from Fit Maine came by our Tuesday class to take photos and send along interview questions for the Portland Phoenix.

As it goes with “getting press” many details we pour our hearts into don’t make it to print, so I’m sharing the full interview plus more of Shannon’s
lovely photos in this post.

Marita Kennedy-Castro of Embody the Rhythm, Interviewed by Shannon Bryan for the Portland Phoenix ~

What do you love about this style of dancing? How would you describe the dance style?

I was first drawn to traditional Guinea Dance w​hen I heard​ ​the rhythms of the drums at a West African Dance festival in VT, 1999. I felt like they called my heart and soul back into my body during some particularly tough times.​

I fell in love with the dances because they connect us with life’s cycles and seasons and build community through honoring shared experience. The rhythms/songs/dances bring people together to celebrate being alive​,​ in relationship with one another and the earth. Dances celebrate births, rights of passage, weddings, planting/harvesting, help preserve history and so much more. 

Guinea’s traditional dances are constantly evolving as they continue modernize with movements that reflect the styles of the younger generations. This keeps it alive and fresh, with always more to learn.

In addition to the mental/emotional health benefits of dancing, the physical benefits are undeniable. While simultaneously a beautiful and expressive art form, Guinea dance and drumming help build and maintain strength, agility, flexibility, balance and grace.

Dance Class with Embody the Rhythm – Photo credit: Shannon Bryan

What do you love about teaching?

Your approach goes beyond choreography and encourages students to know and appreciate the regions and cultures where dances originated.

Why is this such an important part of your approach? 

As a teacher I believe it is essential that I talk about the regions and cultures where these dances originated and to speak to my position in the lineage of my learning.

Honoring the tradition and history is incredibly important in recognition of what too often is perpetuated through cultural appropriation. We lose respect for one another as human beings when we forget the lineage, forget to honor our teachers, and the source of the arts that fill and inspire us.

All over the world traditional cultural practices celebrate the interconnectedness of life through music and dance. Yet due to rampant colonization and the devaluing of traditional life-ways many of us never experience honoring life’s cycles through shared community rituals that include dancing and live music. I believe in bringing these practices back into focus; that the arts have an important role to play in our collective healing and liberation from the illusion of separateness.

As one small step in collective change-making, a percentage of dance class contributions support important social change initiatives both in Guinea and locally. These can be learned about in detail on my website, under the tab, “Movement Medicine for Social Change”.

Movement is truly medicine.
Dancing is incredibly therapeutic for me and I’m inspired by helping others access more freedom of movement in their own bodies.

Dance Class with Embody the Rhythm – Photo credit: Shannon Bryan

Who is welcome to come to class?
(Experience needed? Is the choreography really hard to learn?)

Classes are welcoming and inclusive to a diverse community of students. All ethnicities, all gender expressions​ and ​all ability levels are always welcome. All classes are additionally offered online or by video for those who can’t attend in person.

I’ve designed current weekly classes to suit teen to adult learners​, and generally offer children’s classes separately to better engage ​their energy. However, while classes are being held outside ​​and space is ample, kids sometimes come and dance alongside a parent.

My beginner/foundations class is a great place to start at a bit slower pace, and beginner/intermediate class welcomes movers at all-levels, offering more detail for those who want to take it further. I encourage everyone to focus on feeling the movements, listen to the drums and “fake it till you make it” rather than holding on too tight. More ease comes with time and commitment, and dance is for all bodies.

I offer a preschool/family movement series seasonally, and am a guest teaching artist for schools and universities. I’m developing more online offerings for the months ahead, including seated movement for folks with physical limitations.

Left to right: Janice Erickson, Namory Keita & Jeff Howe – Photo credit: Shannon Bryan

Anything else you want readers to know?

Traditional Guinea dance is inseparable from the drumming that accompanies it, and our drummers are a treasured part of this community.

Since ’03 I’ve been blessed to work with a highly trained and talented crew of drummers, including well-known musicians Annegret Baier and master village drummer, Namory Keita from Sangbarela, Guinea.

Namory  joined this community in 2015, bringing rich cultural representation and becoming our celebrated musical director. ​ ​Together we formed New Moon Ensemble to share Guinea style West African Dance & Drumming through performance. We also host renowned Guinean dance and drum artists to Maine* a few times per year to teach, perform and expand awareness of this beautiful art form.

Both Namory and Annegret are fantastic teachers who offer weekly drum classes in Guinean rhythm​s, for all levels of students. Their class details and links can be found on the homepage of my website. 

Du​e to​ pandemic, ​performances and teaching residencies have been cancelled and artists are doing our best to continue bringing what we love to our communities – Please support local artists, whenever possible.

*We dance in Wabanaki territory – the original people of this land, who are still here. Originally called Machigonne, we call this land “Portland, Maine” under colonization.

Class times, details and registration can be found on the home page at:

Join our email list for special news & updates:

Link to Shannon Bryan’s article, “Move Your Body” which also covers classes with fabulous local dancer and teacher, Veeva Banga, whom I strongly encourage folks to take class with! You can follow Shannon’s inspiring offerings through Fit Maine.

Thanks for being part of this dance & drum community and for sharing your resilience in motion!

Dance Class with Embody the Rhythm – Photo credit: Shannon Bryan

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Drummers with Embody the Rhythm – Photo credit: Shannon Bryan

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OUTDOOR & ONLINE Classes Keeping Community Together

As we collaborate to protect one another’s wellbeing, distancing has become the new jam.


UPDATE: On JUNE 2 – We Dance for Black Lives
Proceeds go to those fighting for justice for our Black relatives, via

Black Visions Collective & Minnesota Freedom Fund.


We dance in support of our Black and Brown relatives, nationwide; we denounce the police murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbory, Tony Mcdade and so very many more in this country; in recognition of the disproportional toll Covid-19 is taking on our Black and Brown relatives; in recognition of our grief, and of the love we wish to send out to all grieving these losses and fearing for their lives, we offer this dance and more to come.  


As of June 2 all Dance classes are moving OUTSIDE for properly distanced dancing in Payson Park ~ weather dependent!

Each Dance class will continue Live ONLINE, rain or shine,
with the exception of the June 2 fundraiser.

Communally supported, sliding scale payments.

If you already know the scoop, register by date at the blue registration links on the homepage.


Until we can dance in studio together again, let’s all create some fabulously awkward dance moves to share as greetings when we’re out getting fresh air.

Spread love. Be love. 



Let Your Heart Guide Your Dance



So much happening at Embody the Rhythm and we don’t want you to miss a beat!!

, is BRING A FRIEND FREE DAY and Marita’s last class before she’s away for a bit ~ Grab a buddy and come dance!
9-10am at 302 Stevens Ave, Portland.
Happy V-Day!

NEXT FRIDAY MORNING DANCE SERIES BEGINS MARCH 20 ~ Details and registration below. Early Discount before March 1!



TUESDAYS, FEBRUARY 18 & 25 lovely Anne Esguerra will be subbing for Marita, and FEB 18th is Namory Keita’s first dance class back in Maine from winter in Guinea!! Come show them some love, give Namory a warm welcome back and congratulate him on his recent engagement!!!

Tuesday Classes are Ongoing, 6:00-7:30pm at 302 Stevens Ave. – Guinea Style West African Dance with Live Drumming. Always open!

Anne Esguerra


Namory Keita













TUESDAY MARCH 3, SPECIAL GUEST IMAN BANCE will be subbing for Marita as she stops through Portland on her way back from spending 3 months dancing in Guinea:

Iman Bance

Born and raised in Hawaii, Iman Bance started studying African Dance in 2006. She was part of Harambe Dance Company in New York, for a time, and studied with various New York dance schools, including Mark Morris, Alvin Ailey Extension, Peridance Capezio Center, as well as Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance.  Iman lived a year in Guinea, studying and rehearsing with Les Merveilles, the preeminent drum and dance company of Guinea.

She is a patient and clear teacher and her positive energy, enthusiasm and passion are infectious. Catch this special opportunity to dance with Iman in Portland, Maine: March 3, 2020!!



Our dear community and New Moon Ensemble member, John Marlowe, has done incredible work to raise funds for our teacher Sayon Camara’s village in Guinea, West Africa.
John and his son Jamie put in tons of love to help raise the money for a library in Sayon’s village and provide school supplies to village children.
Now John’s own family is in deep need of support ~ Over the past few months both John’s wife and their son Jamie have been struggling with some major health issues, which have become nearly impossible to afford. I’m calling on our drum and dance village, to see what we can do. Sending along some love and any amount of financial support would go a long way.
With gratitude, here’s a link to: SUPPORT THE MARLOWE FAMILY.


Friday Morning Dance Series, March 20 – May 8

Friday Dance 2.png
Guinea Style West African Dance
Register Now! – Early Discount before March 1st, 2020

Join me for 8 Fridays of grooving in the morning sunshine, at Portland New Church, 302 Stevens Ave. 9-10am

Classes at Embody the Rhythm are designed for all levels of students, bringing community together through the healing power of movement and music.
No experience required. This is a safe space for newcomers.

Friday classes focus on the heart and hip opening movements that support a solid foundation in Guinea style dance. We warm up to lively contemporary music from West Africa, and dance to smoking traditional rhythms recorded live in Guinea. 

$104 cash or check received before March 1 
(or $108 online – link here)
$116 cash or check 
(or $120 online – link here)

Spread Love. Be Love. See You on the Dance Floor!

Be the Light Dancing Through Darkness.

Join Dance Classes, Tuesdays or Fridays in 2020!
Join Drum Class ~ next series starts January 22 ~ See this page for details.

Happy Winter y’all!
TUESDAY DEC 10 we bid bon voyage to our drummer Namory Keita, for his annual winter trip to Guinea.

We’re COLLECTING DONATIONS of warm-weather clothing and medical supplies for Namory to take along with him. If you miss the opportunity to donate in dance class, you can donate financially to support the building of Hamana Art Center, by clicking HERE.

Hamana Art Center, Art & Culture Center in Guinea ~ Under Construction

~ Dancing Through Darkness ~
In the dark days of winter,it’s ever more apparent how good it feels to dance our hearts out and find warmth together in community.
Together we create light.

Our last TUESDAY class in 2019 will be Dec 17 – Share in an early Solstice Celebration by wearing white/bright colors, and/or bring a votive candle to light, if you wish.
Tuesday classes will resume Jan 7, 2020..  Meanwhile:

Our Upcoming FRIDAY class series begins Dec 27  – Early Registration Discount is still live through December 13th ~ Reserve your spot or PURCHASE THE GIFT OF DANCE  for a loved one, today.

Friday Morning Series in Guinea Style West African Dance 
8 Weeks
Dec 27 – Feb 14

9:00am -10:00am
Portland New Church, 302 Stevens Ave, Portland, ME

These lively classes are designed for beginner and intermediate students, bringing community together through the healing power of movement and music. We will focus on heart and hip opening movements that support a solid foundation in Guinea style West African dance. No experience required.

We warm up to lively contemporary music from West Africa and dance to the smoking traditional rhythms recorded by my teachers.

Early Registration Discount – (Register by December 13)
$104 cash, check/ $108 online

Registering After December 13 –
$116 cash, check / $120 online
$16 Drop in, any time

Contact Marita to pay by cash/check.


Stay up to date on all classes, special guests, performances and other happenings ~

  • Sign up for Embody the Rhythm news by adding your email address in the box on upper right of this page where it says “Stay Tuned”  ~ Be sure to check your inbox to confirm subscription.
  • Follow Embody the Rhythm on Instagram , Facebook


In 2020 Embody the Rhythm will continue to inspire Movement Medicine for Social Change, through ongoing financial support of important initiatives lifting up Black and Brown people in Maine, and supporting the development of art and cultural preservation in Guinea, West Africa, the source of our learning in these classes. 

Dancing in Community Compounds Healing

3 More classes in December 2019! NEW CLASSES AND POSTS COMING SOON.

Happy Autumn, y’all!  So many exciting things to share!

New Moon Ensemble wrapped up 3 summer shows in September. Thanks to all who came out!

Preview the hot topics of this post:

Please join us, Friday October 4th at the Greely Center for the Arts, 6:30pm.

Ultra talented, ultra kind human and master drummer Sayon Camara is performing in Cumberland, ME alongside friends and members of New Moon Ensemble for a special fundraiser ~  Hear the beautiful traditional music of Guinea, including the sounds of krin, bolon, djembe, dundunba, sangban and kenkeni. Beautiful art for a great cause! 

Beginning Drum Class with Sayon Camara, Monday October 7th, 6:15 -7:15pm, $15

Sayon is a patient, inspiring teacher and will be guest teaching in Namory’s regular weekly drum class at @ Root Wild Kombucha, 135 Washington Ave., Portland, ME. Bring your djembe or if you need to reserve a drum contact

Sayon will be guest drummer for Dance Class on Tuesday October 8th!

There’s nothing like seeing Sayon’s glowing smile while you dance.

Dancing Together is Healing ~ Check it out:

This Autumn celebrate freedom of movement in your body, experience the pleasure of live drumming and feel the joy of moving in unison with others. Science confirms, more and more, what so many of us have experienced for decades ~ There are innumerable health benefits to dancing, affecting not just our bodies, but our mind and spirit too.

This article on NPR shares the benefits of dancing in synchrony with others: 
The Health Benefits of Dancing go Beyond Exercise and Stress Reduction

This article from the Journal of Pan African Studies highlights Guinea dance too:
African Dance as Healing Modality Throughout the Diaspora: The Use of Ritual and Movement to Work Through Trauma


Friday Morning Dance Series Starts October 4th

Join me for this 8-week series, geared especially for beginners.
I love starting my Fridays off dancing. Can’t wait to share this journey with you! 

9-10am, set to the sounds of traditional rhythms and music from West Africa. 
October 4 – November 22
Click here to register, or just drop in.


Drum & Dance with Seny Daffe & Namory Keita, Tuesday October 29

We love Seny Daffe!
Seny returns to Embody the Rhythm to teach a class that’s accessible to all levels, Tuesday Oct 29th, right after a special drum class with Namory Keita.
Classes at Portland New Church, 302 Stevens Ave, Portland, ME

Drum Class with Namory 4:45-5:45pm, $15 cash or check at the door
BYO djembe, or email Namory to reserve one:

Dance Class with Seny Daffe 6:00-7:30pm, $18 cash or check at the door
Come dance with this fabulously talented and fun teacher. 


Moments from New Moon Ensemble’s
August & September shows

Thanks again to all who came out to support us. If you have photos to share, we’d love to see them!

Save the Date! Jeh Kulu’s Annual West African Dance & Drum Festival in Burlington, VT   November 1-3

Dance & drum students are highly encouraged to experience this fabulous festival of classes in the beautiful town of Burlington. Master teachers including Moustapha Bangoura, Ismael Bonfils Kouyate and many more.. (This is where Seny Daffe calls home).


New Moon Ensemble shows & Guest Workshops coming right up

Together from 6 countries, 3 continents, 18 beating hearts, 1 planet: *NEW MOON ENSEMBLE*

New Moon Ensemble

Don’t miss this special event!
Guinea Style West African Dance & Drumming

*New Moon Ensemble* with guest artists Sayon Camara, Seny Daffe and Theo Martey
August 24th at Congress Square Park! 6:30-8pm


Sayon Camara

Theo Martey


Seny Daffe


Whether experiencing Sayon as a teacher or performer in classes, workshops, or celebrations, Sayon will take you places in drumming and traditional Guinean music that you didn’t know were possible and will do so with contagious joy.





Theo is a Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer, Performer and Teacher. He has taught and performed African drumming, dancing and music in Ghana and internationally. 







Seny is a versatile musician and plays the djembe, krin, bolon, gogo ma, sangban, balafone, and doundouns. He is also a very talented singer and comedian, and is considered one of the world’s finest doundoun players. SPECIAL GUEST CLASSES WITH SENY, AUGUST 22 in Kittery & 23 in Portland. SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS.


Meet New Moon Ensemble Dancers:

Anne Esguerra

Alison Green-Parsons

Ann Brandt




Ashley Edmondson

Megu Hirayama



Aminata Doumbouya

Grace Kapinga




Danielle Dellaquila






Marita Kennedy-Castro ~ Artistic Director, Choreographer

























~~     ~~     ~~     ~~    ~~     ~~     ~~     ~~

Meet New Moon Ensemble Drummers:

Namory Keita ~ Musical Director

Annegret Baier

Jeff Howe

John Marlowe

Janice Erickson























New Moon Ensemble
Guinea Style West African Dance & Drumming 

Coming together from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, New Moon Ensemble members share a love for West African dance and drumming, the accompanying traditions and the gift of intercultural exchange. Together we build community and inspire international study and collaboration, through the healing power of music and dance.

Master village drummer and performer Namory Keita, from Sangbarela, Guinea and dancer/choreographer Marita Kennedy-Castro from Maine developed the 15 member troupe to help spread the love for traditional music and dances of Guinea, West Africa. The Ensemble includes multi-talented musician Annegret Baier, from Germany, as well as a handful of other skilled musicians and dancers from Marita & Namory’s weekly classes.

New Moon Ensemble’s performances offer the uplifting rhythms and dances into the world as prayers for peace and well-being for all.

with guest artist Seny Daffe!

THURSDAY August 22nd in Kittery (click here for details)
FRIDAY August 23rd in Portland:
WEST AFRICAN dance class with Seny Daffe

Accompanied by Master Drummer Namory Keita
6-7:30 pm at Portland New Church on 302 Stevens Ave – Portland ME
$16-20 sliding scale – Cash at the door

Seny is uplifting, a very clear teaching style and so much fun!
All levels welcome!


SAVE THE DATE: Saturday September 7th
New Moon Ensemble performs at
Seny Daffe will join us, for another fabulous show!


(If you missed the workshop, join weekly classes with Namory by clicking HERE)


Saturday July 27th
1 – 4:30 PM
$60 online /$70 at the door
Portland New Church, 302 Stevens Ave, Portland, ME
*For Intermediate/Advanced players*
Bring your Djembé or Dounoun playing to another level!
Visit for more info or to register

Growing, Dancing, Drumming, Changing


Guest artist Seny Daffe, alongside Namory Keita and our talented drummers rocked the house in Portland & Kittery last month!

Here’s some of the fun we had singing and dundun dancing with Seny, April 25:

Seny & Namory have a mini-tour together in Maine and New Hampshire, MAY 27th – MAY 31st ~
 Catch them for drum, dance, or dundun dance in Bristol, NH or Portland, Kittery, or Camden, ME!


Monday MAY 27 ~ INT/ADV DRUM CLASS with Namory Keita

Wild Root Kombuchery, 135 Washington Ave, Portland, ME | 6:15-7:15pm |
$15/class or $13 per class for punch card of 4
Find and share on facebook HERE

Tuesday MAY 28 ~ SPECIAL DANCE CLASS with Seny Daffe at Embody the Rhythm! 
Portland New Church, 302 Stevens Ave, Portland, ME | 6:00-7:30pm |
$16-20 sliding scale – cash only please
Show support and share on facebook HERE

LINK for CLASS DETAILS  May 29 – May 31
Wednesday MAY 29, Bristol, NH
Thursday MAY 30, Kittery, ME
Friday MAY 31, Camden, ME

THIS JUST IN: Beautiful djembefola (master drummer) Sayon Camara will be visiting Maine next week, and be our special guest drummer in Tuesday Dance Class, May 21st!


Come dance to the beautiful rhythm, Kassa, May 21! Drumming led by Namory Keita and Sayon Camara



  • Dance Class TIME CHANGE: Tuesdays JUNE – AUGUST
    7:00 -8:30pm* | Catch an extra hour of sunshine before coming to dance it out to live drumming!!
    *If you’ve purchased a 4 or 8 class card and won’t be able to attend during this time change, please talk with Marita or Anne in class, or email me (Marita)*
    I’m seeking a flat, open, (non-concrete) available space outside, to hold dance class on some Tuesdays this summer. Have ideas? Please email me.
    If a Portland location is found, will be posted as *special notice* at top of homepage here, by midday of class. If rain is expected or nothing posted, you’ll find us @ Portland New Church.
    A percentage of proceeds from every class is contributed to important social change initiatives. Please learn about the ones we support in 2019: VISIT THIS PAGE.
    New Moon Ensemble 

    Saturday August 24th ~ Free evening show at Congress Square Park, Portland, ME
    Saturday September 7th ~ at Henry Fest (Folk Music Festival), Falmouth, ME



Our newest dance class drummer, John Marlowe, has created THIS FUNDRAISER to help build a library in the home village of our wonderful teacher, Sayon Camara. 

Please check out this awesome project, and share it with the librarians, book lovers, children and community change-makers in your life!

Flowers are blooming, the weather is warming, the air is fresh, the birds are singing…  SO many reasons to dance. See you on the dance floor! 

Spring is Popping & so are Our Classes!

Weekly Dance & Drum Class Details, CLICK HERE

Special Guest Teacher SENY DAFFE Returns to Maine!
COME DANCE ~ Tuesday, April 23


Join us in welcoming back master artist Seny Daffe
to Embody the Rhythm, Tuesday April 23


Dance Class with Seny: $16-20 sliding scale – cash at the door
Portland New Church, 302 Stevens Ave
All levels welcome

Special Guest artist Seny Daffe, from Guinea, West Africa has a warm personality and a fun, lively dance style. We’re excited to welcome him back as our guest teacher to our Tuesday night dance class, April 23rd. Join this special opportunity!

More about Seny Daffe:

Class accompanied by live drumming with master drummer, Namory Keita and friends. See you soon!

AND on Thursday April 25,
Drum with Namory Kieta & Dundun Dance with Seny Daffe

in Kittery, Maine


Next 3 Week Session of Drum Classes with Annegret Baier starts April 24


Wednesdays 4/24, 5/1 + 5/8
Portland Friends Meeting House, 1837 Forest Ave, Portland
 Register today by contacting Annegret HERE
$70 for 3 Classes  – Djembes available for rent



A percentage of our Tuesday Dance Classes is contributed to some fantastic social change initiatives. In April, donate an extra $10 or more in class, and you can take home a free jade plant!

LINK HERE For our Weekly Dance & Drum Classes at Embody the Rhythm

Join this ever-growing community! All are welcome.


Spread Love, Be Love.

Happy February, folks ~ So many great things to share with you this month! We’re welcoming Namory Keita back to his Maine community and he’s bringing the heat to dance and drum classes, fresh from Guinea! 



Namory Keita

Drum with Namory Keita

Check out the story by Shannon Bryan, catch the warm vibes and join us in class this month. We’re dancing the Malinké rhythm Soko, Tuesday nights in February.
Photo by Shannon Bryan

FRIDAY MORNING DANCE class has been hopping & the next 8-Week session starts March 15 Grab the Early Bird Discount before Feb 28thYou can also register with check or cash at class to save the online fee. Invite friends in the Facebook Event.


SATURDAY MORNING CHILDREN & FAMILY series is the sweetest:
3 more Saturdays, 10:30-11:45am, 302 Steven’s Ave. 
3-5yr olds with a parent/guardian ~ dance, rhythm, song, play.



Rwandan Dance with Ikirenga cy’Intore 
Fridays at YMCA, 6-8pm. 
Facebook Link

Ikirenga cy'Intore.jpg


Afrobeat Dance (contemporary African fusion) with Veeva Banga

Mondays at Hustle & Flow, 7-8pm
Thursdays at Bright Star World Dance, 8-9pm
Congolese Dance with Grace & Jenny, of Coco Maine 
Saturdays Feb 23 | Mar 9 | Mar 23 |  3pm at Mayo St. Arts



INTERNATIONAL OPEN MIC ~ Have you been yet??
It only happens every few months, and is always an amazing event and great way to see some of Portland’s international talent, onstage. Next one: Friday, March 1st, 
Mayo St. Arts, 7-9pm.
It’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH and there’s still so much work to be done to end racism. Embody the Rhythm engages Movement as Medicine for Social Change by supporting these important initiatives with a percentage of proceeds from dance classes:  Please check them out
Keep an eye out for upcoming discussions on ways to deepen our awareness and take action together as a community. Meanwhile, join me at one of these events: 
Check out:
SO many reasons to get together and dance/drum/shake.
Can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!

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