Dance & Drum Classes

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Summer DANCE classes have moved OUTSIDE
for all dry days &
continue live ONLINE, rain or shine.

We will dance properly distanced for everyone’s safety. 
Wear/bring a mask in case of wind.


These classes are being shared from Wabanaki Territory – known as Portland, ME under colonization.
Outdoor classes meet in Payson Park:

Look for us in triangle of grass facing back cove entrance to park.

In case of wet weather, class will be online only and notification posted at top of this page.


Classes are Communally Supported, Sliding Scale. 
Register online before class with dated blue links, or for pre-paid pass contact Marita.


Beginner Dance Class, Thursday 8.6.20

Register: Dance Class Tuesday 8.11.20

Beginner Dance Class, Thursday 8.13.20

Resister: Dance Class Tuesday 8.18.20

Beginner Dance Class, Thursday 8.20.20 

Register: Dance Class Tuesday 8.25.20



This is a welcoming and anti-racist space. All people, all ethnicities, all gender expressions, and all ability levels always welcome. Spread Love. Be Love. 

DANCE Tuesdays
with Marita 

Beginner & Intermediate, Choreography
Ongoing Weekly, Outside & Online
June-August, 6:30-7:45pm EST | (September-May, 6:00-7:15pm EST)
Accompanied by LIVE DRUMMING

Register at BLUE links or contact Marita for multi-pass discount


DANCE Thursdays with Marita
Outside & Online, July 23 – Sep 10
9:00-10:15am EST
Accompanied by beautiful recordings from Guinea

Register at BLUE links or contact Marita for multi-pass discount



This class is focused on the foundations of the movements in Guinea dance; feeling the steps, slowing things down, noticing where we can release some tension, find more flow and practice the musical timing. With foundational clarity as the focus, we’ll get our hearts pumping as well. Cultural context and origin of the dances and rhythms is shared in every class. 

Beginner & Intermediate, Choreography:
In this class additional movement sequences and choreography are provided for those wishing to take it up a notch. Foundational movements are also broken down, and folks are invited to participate at their chosen level. Class is accompanied by fantastic Live Drumming in traditional Guinean rhythms. Cultural context and origin of the dances and rhythms is shared in every class. 


VIDEO RECORDINGS (of teacher/drummers only) available for those unable to attend a class they’ve registered for ~ Email Marita for video if you miss class.

For Online Dance Classes you’ll need a Zoom account:

DRUM Wednesdays
with Annegret Baier

6:00-7:00pm EST (online via Zoom)
Visit for updates and payment options

DRUM Thursdays with Namory Keita
6:00-7:00pm EST (online via facebook & IG live)
Join: Seacoast West African Dance & Drum Facebook Group or go to for updates and payment options.





For those with the means, paying the suggested drop-in price or more allows us to continue contributing to these important Social Change Initiatives, support our teaching artists, and help offset those who’s funds are limited.

“If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.”
~ Proverb from Zimbabwe


Guinea Style West African Dance Class 

Dance and drumming are a rich part of culture and community in Guinea. There are traditional rhythms and dances that accompany all manner of life’s passages and natural cycles, including births, weddings, coming of age ceremonies, the planting and harvesting of crops, full moons, and celebrations of many sorts.

In these classes Marita shares dances from 20+ years of study under master West African dance and drum artists, both in the U.S. and in Guinea, West Africa. She will share the names, meanings, regions and ethnicities from which the dances come, honoring the source and recognizing our place in the lineage of learning. Marita promotes awareness and appreciation for the culture and traditions of her teachers and for the interconnectedness of all life. 

What to expect:

Classes begin with a warm up, we tune into our bodies and get our blood flowing…


Next, dance steps or sequences are broken down and repeated in parts…


Inspiration~ Doundounba in Conakry, Guinea

The environment of these classes is welcoming to students of all levels.

Marita teaches a different dance monthly in each class, starting new dances at the beginning of the month or series. Students are lead through short sequences or choreography and invited to enjoy the enlivening rhythms of Guinea.

Live drumming in the traditional rhythms is provided by a fantastic crew of professional drummers for Tuesday nights class; beautiful Guinean recordings are utilized for the Beginner series.

Dance steps and sequences are broken down for every class. No prior knowledge is required for drop-in students. Those who come consistently can really get the moves into their bones.

dance class 3

Inspiration~ Nongo, Guinea

What to wear & bring:

We generally dance barefoot, but dance shoes are fine too, if preferred. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you ease of movement, and the ability to work up a sweat, and
bring water to stay hydrated. 


Click below for more information about our instructors:
 Instructor, Marita Kennedy-Castro
Drum Instructor, Namory Keita
Drum Instructor, Annegret Baier

Still have questions?  Contact Marita


See you on the dance floor!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. jazel40
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 06:02:08

    Thank you Marita for bringing this dance to Portland. You don’t have to be a dancer to learn this. This dance is a special experience because you will have a great work out but so much fun while you sweat. Live djembe drumming create vibration and energy, dancing barefoot allows a great connection to the floor and earth, and a beautiful cultural experience of learning dances from different tribes and areas of West Africa. Experiencing a part of a different culture that is more in touch with nature and their heart chakra is so good for this western society that is very much in our head, busy, and distracted. Marita’s class is fun, a real work out, a cultural experience, and a healing experience. Check it out.


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