Private Lessons


Embody the rhythm that pulses within your chest, the beat of life beginning,
Embody the rhythm of your breath,

of the moon waxing and waning,
of the ocean tides flowing in and out,

in and out, in and out.
Embody the rhythm of the seasons changing, the cycles of life repeating,
the rising and the setting of the sun.
Embody the rhythm
beyond the beat of the drum.


Discover the movement that frees your heart.
Private & Individualized
Embodied-Movement Lessons, Online or In Person


Free *Your* Movement

Whether you’ve never danced before or you’re a lifelong mover, I look forward to meeting you where you are.

~ If you enjoy moving/dancing and want to access more movement freedom, new avenues for moving through grief, joy, or other emotion, this offering is for you.

~ If your movement freedom is inhibited by physical limitations; self-conscious thoughts; fear of judgement; you feel “stuck” in repetitive movement patterns; or you’re just starting out in dance, this offering is for you.

Note: Private lessons are not specific to Guinean traditional dance, unless requested.

I’ve been teaching movement classes for over 20 years and dancing all my life. I’ve experienced inhibitions, injuries and limitations that prevented me from enjoying and expressing in my body. Sharing from embodied movement practices and dance training, I offer techniques and explorations to support you in accessing or deepening somatic awareness and movement freedom.

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What to Expect in Private
Free *Your* Movement Lessons:

Whether your lesson happens online or in person, each session begins with a discussion so I can design the time together in response to your personal needs and intentions. With a musical playlist for inspiration I will guide you through embodied awareness and movement explorations, and sometimes activities/stretches to increase range of motion and/or strength, as desired. You can follow along with me or rift off on your own. We’ll check in between tracks and continue orienting the lesson according to your needs and discoveries.

Sometimes energy gets stuck in the body, causing discomfort physically, emotionally and/or mentally. Free form movement and tuning in to our body can help to move things through, move them out, and create space for healing and greater wellbeing.

Giving ourselves time to move in an attentive way might elicit a big cry, a laughing fit or a knowing of something that needs to be written or spoken. It might simply bring along some relief from having listened to yourself and given your body time to “speak”. Whichever way it flows, I look forward to moving together.


What Private Lesson Students Are Saying:

~ I’ve written literally pages about how these lessons have changed my life. I love your ritual of setting aside “one song” per day to listen to my body, and I love that listening to my body doesn’t mean I necessarily have to move or dance. I used to think I needed to work out to feel strong. I’ve learned so much from being still and listening. I’m sharing these practices with my clients too, so you are reaching even more people than you know. These sessions are my monthly gift to myself. On days I’m feeling tired and unmotivated I’m so glad I’ve already planned ahead and booked the session in advance.

~ I feel more ALIVE! Your reminders to engage with my core changed everything. I am walking, dancing and rolling every day. My back is no longer in pain! It’s AMAZING! Thank you!

~ This class is great, Marita. I have a long way to go to overcome my conditioning about “dancing” but I have been listening more and judging less. See you in 2 weeks!



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