Dancing to Remember

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Come join the fun ~ We begin a new dance every month!

Freshly inspired by the incredible master teachers at Camp Fareta (annual West African dance and drum camp in California), I am excited to share Gumbé on Tuesdays this month, and Soli on Thursday nights.

Dance Class.Camp Fareta

Marita dancing at Camp Fareta – Photo by Dawn Cerf

Dance Class2.Camp.Fareta

Dancing at Camp Fareta – Photo by Dawn Cerf

This month I am dancing in honor and remembrance of our beloved teacher, Abdoulaye Sylla, who has so recently left this world. I am still stunned that he has passed, and give thanks for having been able to see and dance with him again, just a few weeks ago.

Abdoulaye had an incredible, lively spirit and energy. May he rest in peace, love, respect and harmony ~  the things he wished for everyone in the world ~ and may his spirit live on.

Dancing with Abdoulaye Sylla - Photo by Dawn Cerf

Dancing with Abdoulaye Sylla – Photo by Dawn Cerf

Abdoulaye Sylla2.Camp Fateta

Dancing with Abdoulaye Sylla – Photo by Dawn Cerf

Abdoulaye Sylla - Photo by Dawn Cerf

“Peace, love, respect, and harmony for everybody – Unity. Together. One.” ~ Abdoulaye Sylla (Photo by Dawn Cerf)

At Camp Fareta there are both beginner classes and intermediate/advanced classes in dancing and drumming every day, all day long.

There is a kid’s camp, offering amazing activities for the young ones while their parents take classes, the food is was delicious local, organic and made with love, the community is international, warm, open and beautiful.

I’d love to get a big group from Maine to come along next year!!

Photographer Dawn Serf captured the energy of the dance and drum classes so beautifully. Check out more of her beautiful photos at this link ~ Joyful West African Dancers at Camp Fareta 2015.

See you on the dance floor!

With love and gratitude.

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