Dancing in the Returning Light

While dreaming of birdsongs and flowering plants, this beautiful and ever-growing community is staying warm dancing and drumming ’til the walls sweat with us. Come join the fun! This month we are honoring Guinean dances associated with healing and healers.

Photo by Kara Estey

Photo by Kara Estey

Tuesday nights in March we are celebrating Lamban (also Lamba), meaning “spirited dance”. This is a healing dance from the the storytellers and history keepers, the “griots” or “djelis” of Guinea.

Thursday nights in March we are celebrating Tiriba, a dance of the Baga and Landouma people of Guinea. A very special dance in honor of healers and medicine people.

Photo by Kara Estey

Photo by Kara Estey









We’re also calling community together this month to support our friend, drummer and teacher, Namory Keita, in this particularly tough time for he and his family. Namory’s older brother passed away one week ago, unexpectedly, and Namory is now the primary supporter of his and his brothers family in Guinea.  Please take a look at this link: http://www.gofundme.com/nnrpu8 and give anything you can to support them in this time of loss. Together we hold one another up.

 Join us this month in class as we dance in celebration of the returning light, as well as the healers within us, amongst us, and beyond.


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