Time to heat it up again ~ See you on the dance floor!

Happy 2013 everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was in Guinea soaking in the beauty and rhythms of the culture and dancing until my pores cried tears of joy. While my heart does ache to be there now, I am so grateful to be able to share these beautiful dances with you and that we have such fantastic drummers to keep our classes so lively and fun ~ I raise my glass to all of you in this wonderful community! Happy new year! 

I want to share with you a special clip from a voyage we took to Bentouryah during my trip last year… the drummers warm up for our dance class~ 

Bentrouryah is the village where the new Nimba Center will be located. It will be the future location of Youssouf’s annual dance and drum workshops in Guinea, as well as an off-grid dance & drum education center that will serve as a home base for a range of volunteer projects in renewable energy, sustainability, arts, and education. Maybe some of you will join me in studying there there some day?

Wongai!  (Let's go!)

Wongai! (Let’s go!)

Thanks to everyone who participated in my various fundraising endeavors in class last month. We raised a nice chunk of change to send to Amara Mansare as well as to Queen Brigitte (see my post from Dec. 5th 2012 for more info), and my deep gratitude if you donated to any of the other causes I’m advocating for… Including the building of the Nimba Center!

For the month of January

This month in class you will get to enjoy 2 fantastic dances~ Wonderful dancer/teacher, Nya, will be returning to share a Doundounba dance with you while I’m away (if you missed it last month, now’s your chance!), and I will be teaching Tiriba the weeks that I am here. (*You can use your pre-paid cards with Nya’s classes too*)

In Guinea I learned there are 4-5 traditional Doundounba dances, though new ones continue to be created and there are now upwards of 15! Doundounba dance parties are held for all manner of celebrations around Guinea. Now’s your chance to learn how to party Guinea style!

Doundounba in Conakry!

Doundounba in Conakry

I will be sharing with you, Tiriba ~ A dance that is traditionally saved for very special occasions. It is a dance for medicine people/magic workers, and the steps resemble birdlike movement. As we embody Tiriba we can honor and give thanks to the medicine people (healers) of the world as we enter this new era.  

I can’t wait to dance dance with you ~ I’ve missed you all!

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