Movement Medicine for Social Change


Embody the Rhythm Dance Classes Support
these Awesome Initiatives:

Maine Wabanaki REACH


Black Girl in Maine



For Us By Us



Hamana Arts Center ~ For the preservation of Guinean Arts & Culture, under construction in the Hamana region of Guinea.

Learn more about the important work of each organization
& contribute directly by visiting the links provided.


We contribute:

  • To honor the legacy, culture and people of Guinea, from which the music and dances in our classes originate.

  • To honor the legacy and culture of the Indigenous people’s of Maine, who’s ancestral land we are standing/dancing/drumming on.

  • To honor all People of Color, who continue to have to fight for the same respect, safety and opportunity that many of us take for granted, in this country and beyond.

  • To cultivate the healing energy we generate on the dance floor and send it beyond ourselves, outward into the world.

  • To contribute in part to much-needed healing between populations within our human family.

  • To Spread Love. We’re better together.

A few resources for challenging systemic racism and dismantling white supremacy: 

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