Movement Medicine for Social Change

Movement is Medicine that all people deserve.
Dance classes are offered on a communally supported sliding scale and nobody is turned away for lack of funds. If listed price is prohibitive, drop me a note and we’ll find what works.
To contribute to the Movement Medicine for Social Change fund Click Here or contribute when registering for class by choosing an “ADD ON” option. Your generosity helps create access for others, and supports the following initiatives in 2022:

Wabanaki Alliance

Unified Asian Communities

Black P.O.W.E.R. Maine

Hamana Arts Center

Hamana Arts Center is Namory Keita’s project under construction in the Hamana region of Guinea. A place for study and preservation of Guinea’s traditional music, dance, arts, culture.


At Embody the Rhythm we contribute in solidarity:

  • To honor the legacy, culture and people of Guinea, from which the music and dances in our classes originate.

  • To honor the legacy and culture of the Indigenous people’s of Maine, who’s ancestral land we are standing/dancing/drumming on.

  • To honor people of the Global Majority (including Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and LGBTQIA human family members who continue to struggle for the same respect, safety and opportunity that many take for granted in this country and beyond.

  • To cultivate the healing energy we generate on the dance floor and send it beyond ourselves into the world; contribute to much-needed healing between people within our human family; affirm the healing power of Love.

Organizations we’ve contributed to in recent years:

Black Girl in Maine Media, Wabanaki REACH, Embodied Equity Consulting, For Us By Us, Families Belong Together, Nibizun, Allies Presente!, Maine Trans Net, Rise and Shine Youth Retreat

There are many resources for challenging systemic racism and dismantling white supremacy. Here are just a few:

Dismantling Racism
Community Change Inc
Identify the Territory & First Peoples of the Land You Reside In
Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
Roots Deeper Than Whiteness (article link)
Online Courses with White Awake
How to Be Anti-Racist: A Social Workers Perspective
Rebuilding Trust and Repairing Relationships with Indigenous Populations



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