Movement Medicine for Social Change

As a small step toward collectively channelling the healing medicine of movement directly toward social change, $1 from each paying student in Tuesday dance class is contributed to important initiatives here in Maine, and in Guinea, West Africa.


We contribute:

To honor the legacy, culture and people of Guinea, from which the music and dances in our classes originate.

To honor all People of Color, who continue to have to fight for the same respect, safety and opportunity that many of us take for granted, in this country and beyond.

To cultivate the healing energy we generate on the dance floor and send it beyond ourselves, outward into the world.

To contribute in part to much-needed healing between populations within our human family.

To Spread Love. Let’s do better, together.

In 2019, Embody the Rhythm dance classes Support the Following Awesome Initiatives:

For Us By Us



Black Girl in Maine


Embodied Equity Consulting


Hamana Arts Center ~ Under construction in the Hamana region of Guinea.

Please check out the important work of each organization.
You can contribute directly by visiting the links provided above. 


Join in the work of challenging racism and dismantling white supremacy. The following links contain a myriad resources, videos, books, articles, toolkits for support and guidance:



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