“The best dance class with incredible energy, drumming + pure joy! Love your huge heart. 💗🙏” ~ Deb Brennan

“I found the key to happiness. West African dance class. Every Tuesday night w/ Marita Kennedy-Castro… I’m hooked.” ~ Leigh Kellis

“Thanks again for all that you do. I have been a dancer my whole life, but I only recently started to get interested in African movement. My body feels nourished by it and I feel like a true dancer. Your class environment is so inviting and I appreciate that I never feel judged. I really could say so much more about how wonderful it all has been.” ~ A.C.
“The weekly classes are more than a fun activity that is invigorating, energizing, and inspiring; the class promotes a sense of community. In yoga, it’s called *sangha* and is considered a key component in our full engagement with ourselves, our life. Being in a supportive and a sharing social setting can often lead to having space and compassion, for the self, and in turn the community. The growth of this class over the years, as well as how its presence and its community has remained strong, attests to what the teacher and the class offers. Whether you are a serious dancer, looking to stay fit, or looking to the class for a weekly, fun release–it is all there. plus, who can say no the live drumming?!? That continues to evolve too…so awesome! Thank you, Marita & crew!”  ~Megu Hirayama
“… As a nurse practitioner my days are made up of many serious encounters, counseling patients who are struggling to get healthier. Your class has really given me an outlet to dance barefoot and carefree, to tap into my inner dancer self. So thank you!”  ~Angela Pizzo
“…You are an amazing teacher and the energy you and these dances bring to us every week are contagious! We were all feeling kind of down and sleepy on a rainy evening and after your class we were all re-charged and feeling great and positive! This is what I love about African Dance, and why I’ve been doing it for over 3 years! Thanks for everything you do for the community and for bringing a little sunshine every week to our lives!” ~Raquel Martin Burgos
“I absolutely adored your class. Just the energy in the room was enough to make it an empowering and precious experience. I have so much respect and admiration for you, sharing your gifts and your passion with your students and the world. Thank you!” ~Julia
“Marita, Thank you for an amazing performance last night! Even after watching you dance many times before, I just had no idea! You inspire and invigorate! Looking forward to dancing with you again! in peace,” ~Patsy
Performing with Elvis Costello at the State Theatre

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