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Special Guest Class, Tuesday October 26, 2021

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Join us for an Introduction to the Movement of

Brazilian Orixá Dance with, Maestra Isaura Oliveira!

Maestra Isaura Oliviera, from Bahia, Brazil is a master artist of African Brazilian Cultural Dance. Isaura is a multidisciplinary artist and Cultural Educator, dedicated to studying and teaching the African roots of Brazilian Sacred & Popular Dances, Rhythms, Chants, and Performance-Rituals. She is currently mentee Artist in Residence at Indigo Arts Alliance. Learn more about Isaura in the details below.

Maestra Isaura Oliviera will be our Special Guest Teacher on Tuesday October 26, during our regular class time and place ~ 6:00-7:15pm in the Dan Gym at Breakwater School,
856 Brighton Ave. in Portland, ME.

This Special Guest Class is $20-25 sliding scale*
Masks are required and spaces limited.
Please wear a long circle skirt or sarong if you have one.

*For current pass-holders we ask that you pay what you can to match the difference in price ($5-10 more) to attend this special class with Isaura, but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. If you are able to give higher on the suggested scale it will help to balance those who are not able. 

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Maestra Isaura Oliveira was born and raised in Salvador-Bahia, Brazil, the cradle of African Brazilian culture, where many African traditions and arts are maintained and nourished. She is a multidisciplinary artist and a Cultural Educator; an actress, singer, dancer, costume designer, dance teacher, yoga instructor, choreographer, community leader, healer, activist, and an innovator. Isaura is dedicated to studying and teaching the African roots of Brazilian Sacred & Popular Dances, Rhythms, Chants, and Performance-Rituals. She holds a BFA from the School of Dance, Federal University of Bahia, and won numerous awards in Brazil, France, and the U.S. for her research, choreography, projects, and performances. Isaura is guest choreographer and Maestra on Brazilian Dance at Wellesley College on Yanvalou Dance Drum Ensemble, since 1997 to 2004 and from 2018 to Present. She is currently Mentee Artist in Residence at Indigo Arts Alliance.

Embody the Rhythm is happy to partner with Indigo Arts Alliance to bring you this Special Opportunity!


Indigo Arts Alliance is an incubator space for Black and Brown artists. We amplify the creative voices and visions of global and local artists and facilitate cross-cultural collaboration using a multidisciplinary approach. This approach is exemplified by Indigo’s Artist-in-Residence program and the mentor-mentee relationships central to it. The impetus of IAA is to connect Black and Brown artists from around the world with Maine’s artists of African descent through a multidisciplinary artist-in-residency program that embodies a Black-led approach to creativity, community-building, and mentoring. With intentionality and purpose, our programming facilitates open discourse as a means to form deep partnerships that build the necessary framework to unite the arts and culture sector with social activism and social justice. We believe artists play a key role in creating a healthy multi-racial democracy.

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