Movement Medicine and Social Change

movement medicine social change

There is a Need for Healing.  
All people, all genders, all ages, ethnicities, creeds…
We all need the healing medicine of movement.
We need spaces in which we become so present in the experience of our body’s movement that we forget our heartache, forget our struggles, and remember our Selves. Even for a moment. Even for an hour.
We need community.
We need safe spaces in which we can collectively align in movement, share in rhythm, and breathe in the company of others … to shed the heaviness, despair, anger, fear,
even if for the moment …

So that the lightness of our being, suspended in air, in rhythm, in movement, can return us to the presence of our own spirit, can grow our resilience, grow our strength, rekindle our fire and most importantly, inspire the actions we take to change the systems that are not working for the good of all. 

Let’s cultivate the healing energy we generate on the dance floor to go beyond ourselves and take outward into the world. Let’s find more ways to take action together to create the changes needed for all people to be safe, for all people to be free, for all people to thrive.

As a small step toward collectively channelling the healing medicine of movement directly toward social change  $1 from each student in our Tuesday dance classes in 2019 will be donated to these important initiatives
here in Maine and in Guinea:

For Us By Us (a fund for POC, by POC) in Maine. Learn more here: 
Black Girl in Maine (BGIM media) – education, awareness, participation:
Hamana Arts Center (school for traditional cultural arts) in Guinea, West Africa:
Youssouf Koumbassa’s School for traditional cultural arts in Guinea, West Africa.
(link coming) 

Check out the important work of each organization and consider donating directly, by visiting the links provided above.

dance class 3

Movement, Music & Community

While we are dancing through precarious and trying times,
we also have new beginnings to celebrate.
Let’s continue to come together, build community, hold each other up and knit our neighborhoods together, celebrate one another and create space for the light to grow within each individual.
Let’s reach beyond preconceived boundaries and learn from one another.

Come dance.

Tuesdays, Fridays and some Saturdays! (link here FMI)

Nobody turned away for lack of funds. Barters and discounts available.
All bodies, all genders welcome.

See you on the dance floor! Welcome 2019!

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