It’s all About the Love

Tuesdays & Thursdays all year long.

If you’re ready to try West African Inspired Dance, 2016 is your time! 

~ Spreading the Love ~
NEW special offers

  • New Student Discount: $20 for 4 classes in 4 weeks. Try both classes!
  • Introduce a Friend to Class: If they buy a pass, you get a FREE class.
  • 4-pass: $52 (lasts 8 weeks), 8-pass: $96 (lasts 12 weeks)
  • Passes may be used in either class.
  • Additional Details: Dance & Drum Class Page

~ Dancing for Love ~


On Tuesdays in February we will dance Yankadi and Makru, dances for courtship and love from the Susu people of Guinea, West Africa.
Learn some sultry moves to take home and
share with your sweetheart.

celebrate dance


Thursdays we will dance Djolé, a celebratory dance
from the Timiné people of Sierra Leone, West Africa. Inspire the ones you love with your powerful new moves.

~Giving Back the Love ~

Sending out immense gratitude and love to some of my amazing teachers:
Check out this powerful dream team (click photos to enlarge) ~

(Photos from Camp Fareta, July 2015)

More good things coming !

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See you on the dance floor!
Peace and blessings


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