Hearts that ache, still can sing. Let’s take them dancing.

Happy late October!

With the Day of the Dead almost here, it’s a wonderful time to honor and celebrate the lives of loved ones who’ve passed on. If you’re looking for a reason to take yourself out dancing, I hope you’ll let the call of live drumming, presence of community, urge to sweat something out, or the wish to celebrate the life of a loved one, carry you to class this evening.

This month we’ve been celebrating the rhythm and dance, Soli, which comes from the Susu people of Guinea, West Africa. Although we’ve switched to Kassa, on Tuesdays, there’s still one more chance (tonight!) to bust a move to Soli, with our fantastic drummers to put some heat beneath your feet.

Last week in dance class.

Last week in dance class.

Check out this VIDEO LINK on our Portland Maine West African Inspired Dance facebook page for inspiration!

Special news~ Our talented dancer and friend, Alison Green-Parsons will be selling some of her crafts in classes this week and next. Bring some extra cash and get holiday shopping done while supporting a local community member. 

Alison Green-Parson's beautiful hand made earrings and cloth covered journals.

Some of Alison’s beautiful hand-made gifts, from my own collection. 

It’s a good night for hearts to sing.

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