Bakunda (We Love)

Bakunda (We Love) is a very special performance that is coming up next month and we are so excited to share it!

It is my pleasure to invite our drum and dance community to this production, which is the culminating project of my studies at Goddard College. I’ve been blessed to be joined by a wonderfully talented group of performing artists, some of whom you will certainly recognize!

Photo credit: Arthur Fink

Photo credit: Arthur Fink

Please join us Saturday, April 19th at 7pm ~

Bakunda (We Love) weaves together an original blend of Flamenco, B’Inganzo, West African, Contemporary, Step
Dance and Spoken Word to highlight resilience and interconnection with one another and with the rest of the natural world.

Portland HS Auditorium, 284 Cumberland Ave.
Tickets at or At the door (Doors 6:30)
Adults $10 advance/$12 door, Children $6

Energetic and graceful dancers Alicia Yip, Lydia Bakunda, Marita Kennedy-Castro, Bianca Abdalla & Lindsey Bourassa (shown in photo from left to right) will provide the heartbeat of the show.

Sontiago (Sonya Tomlinson) heads up the poetic verses, accompanied by Zahro Hassan and Maryan Hassan.  Annegret Baier, Jeff Howe, Janice Erickson & Sandra Benson provide West African drumming and members of Olas Music & Dance, Chriss Sutherland, Leif Sherman-Curtis, Molly Angie & Anna Giamaios contribute guitar, palmas and vocals. Additional fabulous dancers include Alpha Castro, Megu Hirayama, Erica Alt and Sontiago!

If you know any of these artists, you’ll know this is to be quite a special one-time event!
Please help spread the word (this is a facebook link) ~ Thank you!

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