Dance and Wellbeing

I am interested in the ways that dance and music contribute to the wellbeing of our selves, our communities and the world around us.

Through teaching this class I’ve experienced the growth of a community that comes together each week to let everything go, allowing our inner selves to wake up in response to the rhythms of live drumming. By participating in and experiencing this together we are given the opportunity to express our own nature in response to our surroundings while at the same time experiencing our innate relationship with others. As humans, we need one another for optimal wellbeing. We remind each other of our true nature by virtue of sharing  in existence. I need you as you need me, as we need we.

Beautiful Bentourya, home of Nimba Center for Art & Sustainability

Beautiful Bentourya, home of Nimba Center for Art & Sustainability

In Guinée, West Africa, dance and music are an integral part of life. During my stay there I witnessed no discouragement of the natural movement and expression of self that comes in response to music. I believe sharing in rhythmic music and movement connects us to one another, deeply, at the soul level and helps us to remember who we truly are. I encourage our community to experience the wellbeing that comes from sharing in live music and dancing, to embody the rhythms, express ourselves freely and honor the places and peoples from where these incredible rhythms and dances have come.

If you would like a way to give back to the people of Guinée I encourage you to check out the wonderful work of Nimba Center for Arts & Sustainable Energy (that is a direct link). All donations will go a long way.

This month in class we will be dancing Kassa, meaning “to plant” in the Malinké language. I know it is a little early for a planting dance, but I suppose I am just feeling quite ready for spring. While we dance (and our wonderful drummers drum) we can send the energy of rejuvenation and appreciation to the Earth that sustains us and allows us to thrive through all that grows.

See you on the dance floor!


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