Dancing Up Some Heat!

We’ve recently celebrated the Chinese New Year and I am so pleased to have entered the year of the Horse. Horse is such a dear animal friend, reminding us by example to remain strong, graceful, wild… and to celebrate our freedom. How blessed we are to dance and be free!

We’re excited to bring you a new dance for Februrary ~ Sinté

Sinté comes from Boké village in Guinea. It is traditionally an initiation dance, and according to my teacher, Youssouf, it has become a national celebration dance in the country today. After a few more weeks behind the drum I so look forward to dancing Sinté with everyone very soon!!!

In the meantime, I continue to dream nearly every day of dancing in beautiful Guinea. Let’s pay tribute the roots of this dance form and dance up some heat, like we feel in the hot sands of Roum Island~

Roum Island, La Guinea, West Africa

Roum Island, La Guinea, West Africa

Dancing in the sand on Roum Island...

Dancing in the sand on the Island of Roum…

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