Happy New Year!!

Dearest Maine dance & drum community, 

Sun-bleached flowers in la Guinea, bringing a little bit of warmth to Maine!

Sun-bleached flowers in la Guinea, bringing a little bit of warmth to Maine!

Wishing you the happiest of new years from amidst this zero degree weather and blustery snow. I’m so sorry to have to cancel class for a second week in a row. I was speaking with various drummers and students on the phone today, trying to make the best choice for us all, and as I drove home I saw 4 people off the road. It seemed to be a sign. I wish everyone a warm and safe evening and invite you to dance around your kitchens and living rooms during normal class time so we can simultaneously invoke the energy of this great community together! 

I am excited to share, with a little twist for the first month of the new year, we will continue on with the fantastically fun rhythm and dance, Soboninkun, for at least another week or 2. So many of you expressed such love for this dance and I was sorry to see it gone so soon with the busy month of December and then the snow cancellation last week.

I also wanted to announce that for the first time in 10yrs (anniversary celebration anyone?!) we are making a small increase in the class fee starting in 2014. I’ve been so happy to offer the most affordable dance class in town, complete with live music every week.  I wish to continue to keep class affordable while “getting with the times” and acknowledging the increase in the cost of living since 2004. Everyone’s pre-purchased class cards will be honored at cost, through their expiration dates. Beginning this month, the drop in cost will be $14 (or $7 for very first class), and class cards will be $48 for for 4 classes (lasting 8 weeks) or $96 for 8 classes (lasting 3 months).

I am so grateful for each and every one of you dancers and drummers and so grateful that we have such a beautiful, ever-growing community to celebrate West African rhythm and dance with. Wishing you all many blessings in 2014 and I cannot wait to boogie with you soon! 

Blessings and Peace

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