Dancing to give thanks & giving thanks to dance~

This month I hope you will join me in dancing to give thanks (to everything and everyone we are grateful for!), while also giving thanks to dance for bringing such healing and joy to our souls and bodies.

We will drum up (and dance up!) the spirit of thanks-giving throughout the month, and then take it to share with our families and friends on Thursday the 28th (no class that night). 

What a blessing it was to have Youssouf Koumbassa & Namory Keita grace our community last week! Thank you to everyone, dancers and drummers alike, who joined me in welcoming them. It makes me so happy to share in the celebration of West African Dance by bringing my “guru” and master teacher, Youssouf, to my home town.

Check out the beautiful crew of drummers that accompanied this class ~

beautiful drummers!

10/31/13 Djembéfola, Namory Keita leads our talented crew of local drummers

This month as we shimmy toward the darker months of the year (saving all the daylight we can) we will honor the rite-of-passage dance, Soli. Soli is a vibrant dance of the Kindia region of Guinéa. I look forward to sharing this dance!

As a reminder, I regularly share news, photos and videos on facebook, Portland Maine West African Inspired Dance Group (link). Check out the video from Youssouf’s class last week! 

Many blessing to you all & see you on the dance floor!

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