Dancing to the Heights of Summer

Dear community, 

This posting is brought to you from the heights of another glorious summer day, with the smell of salt sea air and wild roses permeating a soft breeze. This month in class we will continue to celebrate the beautiful dances Yankadi and Makru, adding on and expanding with new movements to keep you on your toes. Please scroll down to last month’s post, entitled “Mid-Summer Thunderstorms…” for a longer description of these beautiful dances from the Susu people of Guinea. 

I am pleased to announce that we will have guest drummer, Michael Pluznick, back with us on August 8th, and for a few additional weeks this month as well. Let’s give him a warm welcome back to Maine! 

Additionally we will be welcoming back a wonderful guest teacher, Nyama McCarthy-Brown, for the last week or 2 of the month. It’s so exciting to have these guests to share in drumming and dancing with and always such a blessing to experience the style and inspiration of new teachers.  Please join me in celebrating them both in class…

I look forward to seeing you all on the dance floor very soon!


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