Mid-summer thunderstorms… another great reason to dance!

I hope you’re all enjoying excursions to the ocean, lakes and rivers, camping, smelling the flowers, and all of your favorite opportunities of summer amidst this amazing heatwave and the accompanying powerful thunderstorms.

Drawing from an infinite well of inspiration from La Guinea, the country who’s dances and rhythms we celebrate each month, I’m sharing a few photos I took there, reminding us to find solace in the shade and in the incredible magical relief of water…


N’toh relaxing in the evening shade


Refreshing Voile de la Mariée, waterfall in Kindia, La Guinea

The first dance and rhythm we’ll share in July ~ Yankadi, conjures for me the feeling and imagery of water. The fluid, sultry movements flow through space not unlike the way plant reeds move in the sway of a river. Yankadi is a dance of courtship from the Susu people of Guinea, traditionally danced under the full moon and followed by the second dance we’ll do this month (yes two, together!) ~ Makru. Makru is a celebratory and vibrant dance to accompany the joy of successful connections made in courtship. Perhaps we’ll even take these two dances into August since we’re down to only three Thursdays left this month…

I cannot wait to share the dance floor with you all again!

I’m excited to return to the feeling of the rhythms resonating up through the floor, our community raising our energy together, the beat making it’s way into our bones and the dance vibrating fully under our skin… Can you feel it? Wongai!

room island

Room Island, La Guinea

Peace and blessings

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