Move your body like a snake~~~

I write this post from the lovely mountains of VT where I am away at my twice-yearly Goddard residency. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to take an incredible Haitian dance workshop here, learning a bit more of the history of Haitain dance and meanings behind some of the movements. I especially loved when we were dancing to a rhythm called Yanvalou and invoking a snake deity, Damballah, as we moved with the fluid and watery motion of snakes…

This Thursday, May 7th, you too will be able to embody serpentine motion while you grove with lovely Janice Erickson at our weekly class. Janice will be bringing you a sweet Afro-Cuban influenced warm up followed by moving across the floor  to Zebullah and more Congolese dance with choreography pulled from the “grandmother” moves of Samba~ It’s going to be so much fun! Your pre-paid cards are good to go for Janice’s class… Have a wonderful time! 

Get a taste of what’s in store with this video of Congolese dance class in NYC:

… and this one from a class in California:

Next week we will resume classes in traditional Guinea style dance. My hope is to bring you the exciting dance Soboninkun, also referred to as Soumounoukou. I can’t wait to dance with you all in the month of March!!

Much love and peace to you! 

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