Dancing good intentions~

Through dance we engage not only our physical bodies~ we move and are moved by forces within and around us. I’ve been thinking about this since hurricane Sandy passed through here the other day, carrying with it such immense energy and movement, drawing all of us to attention. I thought~ what if we could harness the focus that we’re all giving to this one big force and together send positive and healing thoughts out into the storm to be carried on by the powerful winds, possibly to be dispersed as far and wide as it will travel~

I believe we can do this with the dance and music we create together each week.

Perhaps we are energetic beings engaging our physical forms with movement and sound, generating energy within ourselves and expressing this energy outward to those around us. Dancing can be like a prayer, a positive wish or intention being expressed through movement. Such big, beautiful energy is created each week in these classes of ours. Perhaps beyond joyfully sharing it with one another we can send it outward to the world around us as an intention for healing and an expression of gratitude.

There are just so many reasons to dance! 

For the month of November we will be dancing Yokí, also referred to as Guinea Faré. Guinea faré means literally “womens’ dance” in the Susu language. Coming from the Susu people of Guinéa, this is a popular dance for the day before weddings and for other celebrations as well. Take a peek at this video from a Yokí celebration in Guinea, earlier this year:

I cannot wait to dance with you this month!


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