Fa faré boron~ Come dance!

Fall is in full swing ~ the trees are gorgeous and exploding with color, the air is fresh, apples are crisp, berries juicy, and the dance floor be a rockin’ at Maine Ballroom Dance on Thursday nights!  Fa faré boron! Come dance! 

Join me as we begin our 8th year of creating, expanding and celebrating this wonderful community in our weekly West African inspired Dance class in Portland!

Celebrating the culmination of another great class, feeling so much gratitude for my students and drummers!

We’ll be dancing SOKO in October, another fantastic dance from the Malinké people of Faranah, Guinéa.

This is a dance for the boys, so all you men out there who’ve been vying for some space on the dance floor, now’s a great time to join! ~ I encourage everyone to break free from our cultural confines, be inspired by Guinean dance, and take part in the celebration! See video example below.

There are lots of benefits to bringing friends over the next few months… new discounts offered all around. Don’t forget to inquire about them when you come to class and bring in some new faces, men and women alike ~ Let’s share this lovely community!

*Coming right up this weekend, classes with Sidiki Sylla and Ismael Bangoura in Kittery!

I’m so excited for a day of incredible classes and an evening performance by some of the best! If you want to carpool with me, don’t hesitate to holler.  I would love the company from Portland and you’ll never forget these incredible opportunities to boogie with master teachers. We are so blessed to have them visit Maine!

*Also, please don’t forget to sign up if you’d like to take a Dundun dancing workshop in Portland in October ~Take 1 or both~ Oct 21st & 28th.

I still need a few more students signed up in order to ensure these workshops can happen. If you’ve been thinking about doing it, or have it marked on your calendar and plan on coming~ please let me know ~ we need a minimum number of students for these to happen. (Scroll down to my last post on Sep 21st for all details) Thanks so much!

*Keep an eye  on Related Events & Classes 

~Lots of great opportunities for dancing and drumming and keeping healthy continue to arise in our community! I’ll continue to update this page as I get word of more fun opportunities.

Many blessings and peace to you! Happy fall!

Here’s a sampling of Soko moves~ At around 3:20 in the video the men join the dance floor! Check it out!

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