Fire Dancing and Dundun Dancing Workshops in October

Come learn or add to your skills in the art of *FIRE DANCING* (Poi) and *DUNDUN DANCING* in October!

**Please get in touch, SIGN UP and spread the word! We need a minimum number of students to pre-register. **

I can’t wait to share these exciting forms of dance with you!



FIRE DANCING/POI WORKSHOPS ~ Mondays October 1st & 15th @ 5pm

Location: The fields on Back Bay (Just to the right of the parking lot across from Hannaford, in Portland)

“Poi” comes from the Maori tribe in New Zealand. It is dancing done with two flaming wicks attached to the ends of chains, which you  learn to dance with so as to create a beautiful flow of firelight. I have been dancing with fire for 12 years and would love to share this art with you! For the workshops you will learn without fire, using practice poi (to keep you safe). If you decide it is a style and skill you would like to pursue further I will teach you to make your own set of poi that you can add fire to.

Please SIGN UP for one or both workshops by contacting me, and indicate the date/s you’ll attend. We’ll need a minimum number of students to pre-register. Each Poi workshop is $12. You’ll need a pair of *long* tube socks and 2 tennis balls to create your practice set of poi!


DUNDUN DANCING WORKSHOPS ~ Sundays October 21st & 28th @ 5pm

Location: Maine Ballroom Dance Studio, 614 Congress St. in Portland

Dundun dancing comes from West Africa and is an exciting combination of drumming and dancing. The dancers use drum sticks to play the big bass drums, with dance movements interspersed. The bass drums are referred to as Dunduns, DounDouns, or Dununs. In this workshop we’ll be drumming on 5 gallon buckets, unless you have your own Dundun to bring along.

Please SIGN UP for one or both workshops by contacting me, and indicate the date/s you’ll attend. We’ll need a minimum number of students to pre-register. Each Dundun dance workshop is $14. A limited number of drum sticks and 5 gallon buckets will be provided. Please indicate whether you will need sticks and/or a bucket~ Thanks!

Here is a fun sampling of Dundun dancing:


Please help me to reach more people in our community who might enjoy our weekly class in West African inspired dance!  There are perks in it for all:

For the rest of 2012, if you introduce a friend to class and they return to buy a 4 class pass, you’ll receive an $8 discount on a 4 class pass for yourself. Be sure to let us know when you check in, that you are introducing this friend to class – Let’s share in the fun!

New: Your student ID will get you a $2 discount per class (after the 1st already discounted class). This applies to drop-ins and 4 class passes.

Also, I am a member of our fantastic community barter system, Hour Exchange Portland. You can always pay 1/2 price (all funds going to the drummers) plus 1 time dollar (to me) for class. 
Make sure to stay in the loop for lots of amazing classes coming up with guest teachers from Guinea, and talented local artists as well by keeping an eye on the page: Related Events and Classes
I hope to dance with all of you very soon!

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