Who needs a reason to dance?

Dancing fills our bodies with vibrant life energy. It is a great way to connect with our self, our heartbeat, our rhythm, our spirit and our own personal flow. West African dance invites us to be invigorated by energetic movements and uplifting drumming while sharing in this with the community around us. What a gift we can give to ourselves and others through sharing in this together!

You don’t have to be a “dancer” or ever have danced before to feel the inspiration and affect of the drums on your body. If you’ve ever observed a young child as they listen to live drumming you’ve likely witnessed that they cannot help but to move to it. We are no different as adults except for our inhibitions. Silly inhibitions! 

I invite you to free your mind and body and enjoy your natural inclination to groove

This class is not about perfecting moves but about allowing your spirit to be free and opening yourself to feeling and honoring the traditions, places and peoples from where these dances come.

Come dance with me! You will be warmly welcomed!

For class in the month of August we will be dancing Soli~ a version coming from the Susu people of the Kindia region of Guinée. Here’s a preview of Soli performed by TutuOla!


Also, there are some VERY exciting events happening this coming weekend in Kittery and in Portland, Maine:

August 3rd- 5th we have an exciting opportunity to study dance and drumming with world-renowned artist M’Bemba Bangoura, from Guinée!!!  Don’t miss this fabulous teacher at the Kittery Dance Hall all this weekend!

Contact Liz or Alhassane Fowler-Camara for more details and get ready to get a serious groove on!

And, Sunday August 5th an amazing event is happening right here in Portland!!

A one-of-a-kind, one-time performance at Portland Stage Company as a collaboration between Seeds of Peace participants and the Transcendence Project… Check it out! Please come!



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