Dancing gratitude~

Summer is in full swing ~ Beaches are crowded with sun worshipping bodies, and the ocean, lakes and rivers are treating us to their sweet relief. Gardens are growing, flowers in bloom, birds singing their hearts out… with so many things to be grateful for it is a wonderful month to dance Kakilambé!

Drummers and dancers in Kindia, Guinée celebrating life ~ encouraging all to do the same!

If you were able to join in the celebration and take Youssouf Koumbassa’s incredible classes in Maine a few weekends ago you will recognize Kakilambé as the dance he taught in Kittery. This dance comes from the Baga people of the Boké region in Guinée. Youssouf explains that is a very, very old dance and rhythm from long before organized religions came to the country. Once a year everyone in the village would do this very special dance in honor of Kakilambé or “God”. Everyone would go to the forest to make their own unique costume for the dance, entirely from nature.

I invite you to move to this beautiful rhythm from Guineé, West Africa in the month of July.

Here are a few photos from our classes with Youssouf in Portland last month at the East End School ~ Thanks so much to everyone who came!

Youssouf shows us how to make the moves clean, and “sweet” like sugar.

Sharing a moment of gratitude.

I look forward to dancing with you soon!


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